MP Pasteurizers by Finken Holdings Limited are heat exchangers for the heat processing of milk, for the production of cheese, yoghurt, mala, and ice cream. Found in various capacities, our pasteurizers are manufactured to suit each client’s needs.

MP Pasteurizer is designed explicitly for the heat processing of milk and is the most economic model with a special elevated base on the lid, for easy cleaning and service.

They are of different capacities, covering a range from 50 liters to 20,000 liters, that meets the needs of all dairy units.

Types of Finken pasteurizers

  1. Batch  pasteurizers
  2. Continuous pasteurization unit

Technical specifications

  • Powerful agitation motor rotating at 3000rpm.
  • Stainless steel agitator with special blades.
  • Agitation motor installed on fixed part of the lid for absolute stability.
  • Opening and removable top covers for easy filling of raw material into the vessel.
  • Milk inlet with low foaming system.