An auto CIP cleaning system means that the tank body, pipelines, pumps and all valves and also the whole processing line are cleaned on line no need to disconnect the pipes or the equipment, all cleanings are done at the closed circuit.

Finken designs, supplies, installs, and maintains dairy processing cleaning in Process (CIP) systems
The CIP system specifications include:

  1. Made of foodgrade stainless steel
  2. Four tanks for cleaning solution
  3. Mounted as a whole system
  4. Easy to move

The CIP Cleaning system is to carry out circulation cleaning under the condition that no need to open the equipment and the whole producing line. The CIP system is controlled by PLC, full-auto controller. The plate-type heat exchanger will heat on line, The concentration test of acid alkali, the upper and lower liquid level of tank, control valve, all use imported products with high quality. The CIP system is full-auto operation control.