Fermenting Unit is a tank which allows milk to be heated and also cooled, with the aim in
mind to pasteurize (heat) the product and control its fermentation (cool).
The unit can be used to produce:
 yoghurts of different types,
 fermented milks and
 sour cream.
 butter.

In the production of yoghurt: after exiting the pasteurizer the milk is fed into the

Fermenting tank. The contents are then cooled, and the starters are added.

To make liquid yoghurt incubation is carried out in the Fermenting tank with mixing and

temperature control until the process of fermentation has finished. It is then cooled and


To make firm-type yoghurt packaging is carried out before incubation. It is then placed in a

heated storeroom for maturing and then cooled afterwards in a refrigerated store-room.

Finken fermentation tank is made of:

  1. Food-grade stainless steel
  2. Double jacketed
  3. Has butterfly valve outlet
  4. Has an agitator and a motor